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Stretch ceilings

How to choose the right stretch ceiling

How to choose the right stretch ceiling to transform the room into an oasis of comfort, beauty and originality? First, we need to determine their types .

Types of stretched ceilings

  • Mat
  • Glossy
  • Satin
  • Translucent
  • Printed
  • Perforated (acoustic)

Mat stretch ceiling

Stretch ceilings bright white matte or color mat, is best suited for fans of classic interiors. This is an imitation of a traditional ceiling plastered quality. It can be mounted in apartments and offices, but also in administrative buildings, to create a sober interior. The price will be cheaper than a plasterboard ceiling.

Glossy stretch ceilings

Glossy ceilings solve the task of expanding the visual volume of the room. Only glossy stretch ceiling has the effect of reflecting mirror and adds unique light. Such membrane is a stylish and original solution to finish the house, the apartment or office. Ideal fit for small spaces
They Are perfect for cafes, bars, restaurants, clubs, swimming pools etc.

Satin stretch ceilings

Satin ceilings are smooth, elegant with calm color solutions. The advantage of this membrane is to create the effect of canvas and a soft light reflection. The ceiling becomes an enigmatic and attractive gloss. If you prefer the classic, but you also want changes, this ceiling is for you!

Translucent stretch ceilings

Translucent ceilings provide further opportunities for improvement of the original interior, using lights of different colors. When installing such ceiling we can combine semi-transparent and opaque membrane, thus highlighting  some areas of the room  If you have a space not too high, such a ceiling is not suitable. This is because it takes a space of 30-40 cm  above the membrane for mounting the lights. A big advantage of this ceiling is originality and beauty.

Printed strech ceilings

The fashion of stretch ceilings with photo printers never gets old. Each membrane of this type is <<a unique product>>.
Usually this type of ceilings are used to eternize dear memories or favorite paintings.
Photo printer ensures color fastness for many years. The drawing will not lose its color and can be easily cleaned.
The membrane won't be cheap, but it is so enticing to own such a ceiling who doesn't exist nowhere else.

Acoustic strech ceiling

Acoustic  - a simple technological process, based on a new product line of perforated materials, while maintaining the attractive appearance typical of the stretch ceiling.

The sound wave propagating from the source in a room is partly absorbed by perforated openings of the membrane. The air in the pores of the ceiling cover provides the output sound wave resistance by partially transforming it into heat energy and reducing its force. Additional resistance is experienced by the air in the interstitial space. Further vibrations of reflected sound waves are also absorbed by the ceiling.

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