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About company


Founded in London, 2B Abstract is a stretch ceiling fixture installation organisation. With a team consisting of skilled tradesmen and installers, we confidently believe that we will become leaders in the UK stretch ceiling industry.

The perfect choice for your ceiling, stretch ceiling is made from an aluminium perimeter track and a PVC film. Combining elite design and exceptional manufacturing, stretch ceiling will meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

Having completed a wide range of projects, thanks to a young and dynamic team, we are able to offer unique solutions regarding the originality of your space. With 2B Abstract, your dreams become a reality. 

Furthermore, your stretch ceiling can be tailored to your individual preferences. Utilising innovative technology, we can colour the fabric membrane or print in order to give your interior a particular look. In addition to colour preferences, your ceiling can further be enhanced with oblique surfaces, custom angles, excellent figures or printed with a specific photo.

So, if you are looking for an innovative idea to dress up the most magnificent ceiling, then look no further. Whether, you are looking for a stretch ceiling, an illuminated stretch ceiling or simply maintaining your false ceiling, we offer you our expertise and the advice to answer all your queries.

Build your dream with us.